Belarus, Gomel,
Privokzalnaya Square, 1
(2 nd floor of "The Gomel" hotel)
Contact phones:
+375 232 341-481, +375 29 3-222-526

Club "Paradise"

If you want to spend your free time with pleasure and keep company with guests of our hotel you can do it in our club.

You can:

  • drink tea, coffee, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks
  • have meals
  • watch different entertainment TV channels
  • keep company with guests of our hotel
  • have business meeting and romantic dinners
  • have birthday parties and celebrate holidays
  • read books and daily magazines and newspapers
  • play chess and other board games.

Photography Club "Paradise"

The smoking room is also here!

(a well-ventilated room with a soft sofa, lighters are free)